Graphic Design

JD has created thousands of attention-grabbing graphics, print ads, book and magazine covers and logos.  In fact, Graphic Design is his favorite work mode.  He loves the challenge of creating a visual representation of the company's "brand personality."  

Creative Branding

JD 's ability to create a positively-reflective "branding personality" to a company's product and or service is simply  uncanny.  Many of his clients consider this his true calling.  

Marketing Solutions

JD, a veteran of the Paramount Lot, utilizes the same synergistic marketing tactics used in Hollywood, to give his clients the upper hand.  There is a reason even bad movies make a profit.  It is the relationship between the business, the people who make up the business, and the product and/or service that makes for an attractive, customer-drawing essence.  You need the proper setup before embarking on any promotional campaign.

The most effective means to get the profit-gaining attention one desires, is via the Social Media... a vast wonderland where EVERYONE is all the time.  Knowing this, JD created his Facebook Pro Page offering, which enables his clients to place their promotions in the middle of the "never-ending social gathering."