About JD

With over 15 years experience in the Entertainment Industry (in front of and behind the camera) JD Buckwell has taken the Branding and Marketing strategies of Hollywood and created a powerful Product/Creator/Event Synergistic Marketing Formula that is universal in application, implementation...and positive results.

Of late, JD Buckwell has concentrated on the booming Self-Publishing space, and continues to dedicate his energy towards the development of Intellectual Property into marketable literary/audio/video products.  

JD Buckwell has published and/or produced such popular literary works as: Unleashing Genius, The Glimpse, Storms & Clearings, The Blue Ribbon Baker, Old, Alone and Scared, and The Daily Life Plan Journal.  

JD Served as Chief Editor and Producer of Serene Scene Magazine from October 2008 to December 2009, and remains as Head Graphic Designer and Photographer.  JD is also on the Board of Directors for Serene Foundation, as well as the Advisory Board of Serene Center, Long Beach, CA.

JD's specialties include: product branding, graphic design, publishing, marketing/promotion, copywriting, movie/television production, Intl. literary registration: (ISBN/EAN and Barcode) event production, and copyright/trademark/WGA registration and protection.